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Top 10 Reasons to Outsource your Bookkeeping


Top 10 reasons to outsource your bookkeeping:
  1. You don’t like it – so you put it off to the very end.
  2. It takes away from growing your business – Something you want to do.
  3. It takes you away from your Family, Friends & Hobbies – Something you enjoy.
  4. It costs you in penalties and fines for being late – See #1
  5. You lose out on discounts – See #1.
  6. You would rather be running your business – You started it because you enjoy/love doing it.
  7. You’re not good at it – Please don’t take offence – It’s not your expertise.
  8. Government and Government forms scare you – They can be scary.
  9. You don’t have enough paperwork – To hire a full time bookkeeper.
  10. You have a huge accountant bill – As all receipts were handed to an accountant in a shoe box.